About MOPS

Tell me more about MOPS Membership

When you become a MOPS Member you get:

The Kit …

  • A guidebook to help transform each mom’s year
  • Postcards and prints to show MOPS pride and spread some love
  • A small jewelry item that matches the yearly theme
  • And of course lots of other surprises that’ll cause spontaneous smiles

The Encouragement …

  • An annual subscription to The MOPS Magazine delivered right to every mom’s doorstep
  • Weekly emails about what moms are talking about – parenting, womanhood, sex, marriage and so much more
  • Exclusive downloadables from our favorite artists, authors, boss-moms, and culture and faith influencers

The Community …

  • Invitation to the mother-of-all mom meet-ups: MOPS groups (more than 4,000 meeting worldwide!)
  • Exclusive Member only discount to the world’s largest mothering conference – MOMcon
  • Access to select live-streaming sessions at MOMcon
  • Support and encouragement for Global MOPS – helping embolden moms in more than 40 countries around the world

Tell me more about MOPS groups

Here are the basic elements of every group:

  • A welcoming and open environment
  • Mentoring and leadership development opportunities
  • Time for creative activities
  • Valuable take away teachings and lessons
  • And best of all … childcare

Tell me more about specialty MOPS groups

We’ve got those too! In addition to the traditional MOPS group model, we also offer groups just for teen moms, moms of school age children and military moms.