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A Man's Perspective on Bedroom Activities

by Mandy


August 9, 2013


 Hello, Darling...

Mandy brought her husband along to give us the guy perspective on bedroom activities. They talk through the most common sexcuses (you know, reasons to put off sex) and what's important to guys when it comes to intimacy.

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I think we don't need a bedroom to prove our womanliness, just wanted to share my thoughts on that.


There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness.


Very useful conversation. It is important to know all of guys about bedroom activities to build good relationship in sexual life. Thanks


This is very informative site thanking you for sharing wondeful articles and knowledgeble tips with us this Is usefull and helpful to all students and giving tips.


I am a mom of two preschoolers (3 months old and 22 months old) and appreciate you posting this video. Sex is very important for a marriage. I think of it as a thermometer for a marriage. It is one way to measure the connectedness/intimacy of a marriage. Certainly not the only way but an important one. Since you asked for my thoughts, here they are: I liked: 1. The bluntness, yet tasteful, used in this video. 2. The questions/topic were relevant, for the most part, to me and my relationship with my husband. I could relate.3. I liked the length. Not too long and straight to the point! I don't have much time.4. The couple were very clear and did not ramble. I did not like: 1. The word "sexuses." Just call them excuses. I don't like little made up names like this. 2. When people use there opinions to apply to a whole gender. I would have more appreciated them saying, "I value quality over quantity. I know other men that feel the same way." If you're going to be general then have researc