What is MOPS?

MOPS is a grassroots movement that believes moms are world influencers…

whatismopsWe believe that incubating hearts and giving just-because-hugs can change the course of history. That’s why we connect moms all over the world to a community of women, in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying alongside one another.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and by preschoolers we mean kiddos from birth through kindergarten. We know it’s a little confusing so let’s just stick with “MOPS.”

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

The MOPS Store

Fierce Flourishing theme goodies are here! You can find everything from pens and notepads to apparel and downloadable prints – everything to encourage you to flourish.
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Are You Sad . . . or Depressed?

Everyone has an occasional low day. Sometimes sadness is triggered by big stuff: the loss of someone special, getting fired, money problems, marriage problems, mommy problems, mother-in-law problems. Sometimes sadness results from smaller stuff: lack of sleep, a messy house, bad weather, a very messy house, a botched finale of your favorite show.For most people, sad feelings come and go. Even the most upbeat mom ...
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The Importance of Banter With Young Children

Banter, or informal and spontaneous chatting, gossiping, joking and storytelling, can be incredibly beneficial for young children. Researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley found that daily exchanges between a parent and a child shape language and vocabulary development. Informal talking with children (banter) expanded their knowledge and skills, and had lasting effects on their performance later in life. Research also shows that 86% to 98% of the words used by a ...
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