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7 Health Benefits of Motherhood


July 13, 2013

7 Health Benefits of Motherhood

It might be hard to imagine that being a mom generally makes you healthier (isn't 8 hours of sleep a night required to be healthy?), but this list shows how motherhood is good for you. Check it out now!

And tell us, do you feel healthier now as a mom or were you healthier before having kids?

Related topics: health

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I have a masters degree and stay at home with my 3 kids. I think my degree helps me most by advising me that I *could* do something else with my life. I would prefer truly not to do whatever else, on the grounds that I have an inclination that it's entitlement to be with my children, however there's something fulfilling realizing that. Truly, however, parenthood doesn't generally come "normally" for a few individuals... it truly didn't for me regardless I battle with days,